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  A location analysis of Korean traditional housing and village based on the Eagi(Ѩ) theory in Feng Shui : Case study on the head family house of Mr. Kim located in Uisung County, Kyongsang Province

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  Kwon Young-Hyoo*Sim Woo-Kyung**Go je-Hee***
    *Ph D. Program in Landscape Architecture, Korea University
  **Prof., Division of Environment Science & Ecological Engineering, Korea University
  ***Institute of Dae Dong Feng Shui

   2001Ҵ 9 15 忡 ۡ忡 ۡ
  Դϴ. ۡ ͡μ () ݻ ̸ ٤Ρ ˻Էε Դϴ. ϼ ˻񨸦 Ͽ 45 ء򢿡 ϼ ֽϴ. ϼ 2002 ۡ Դϴ.

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